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Decorate for Spring: Decor Ideas for the Capitol Hill Community

Happy Spring, Capitol Hill! With the promise of blooming flowers and sunny skies, spring is a happy welcome from the colder winter weather. Getting in the spring spirit can reflect in your activities, your wardrobe, and of course, your home! Decorating is one of the best ways to feel comfortable and make your place one that you love to come home to. Here we’ll share some of our favorite ways to dress up your home and where to shop in Capitol Hill for home decor pieces and materials!


Plants & Flowers

One of our favorite ways to spruce up a home is with houseplants! Plants are a great life source to have in your home as they offer air purifying qualities and therapeutic effects like lowering stress and boosting productivity. WIth the new season plants will be thriving and now’s the perfect time to grab some for you home. Spring brings flowers of course, so consider picking up a bouquet to add a pop of color. If you want something longer lasting and/or are worried about allergies, fake flowers are nice and they don’t die!



Another fun decor idea for your home is macrame. Macrame is a crafting technique that uses knots to create various textiles, and these pieces look great as wall hangings and as hanging plant holders. If you want to add some to your home, you can set up a fun DIY project of making your own macrame piece (find guides on the web or Youtube!) or purchase some from decor stores. Though macrame is most commonly made with white threads, you can find or make it in a variety of colors. 


Pillows, Rugs, & Throws 

Of course, decor in the form of soft furnishings are also a great way to go. A decorative pillow or a statement rug can really bring a room together and add some texture and nice pops of color!


Paintings, Prints, & Photos

Creating a gallery of art, be it spread wide on the walls or sitting on your table, is a great way to make a bright statement. You can add personal photos to give an intimate touch specific to your life, or opt for more general art like minimalist paintings or funky prints!


Regardless of how you choose to dress up your home, we hope these ideas helped spur some inspiration for you. Lucky for us, Capitol Hill is filled with places to find your decor needs. Find a variety of plant nurseries, home goods stores, and craft stores within walkable distance or a short drive away! We hope you have fun creating your own space and share with us on social media how you chose to decorate. As always, stay safe and we’ll see you next time!