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Best Hiking Spots Near Seattle, WA

With summer here, we’re ready to tackle the great Seattle outdoors and everything it has to offer. Outside the city, Seattle is home to lush greenery all around with hike trails and forests inviting you to explore. As you plan your outdoor adventures, we’ll help start you off with some of our favorite spots in Seattle for hiking so you can hit all the best trails this season.

Discovery Park

Probably one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Seattle, DIscovery Park features miles of trails and beaches. You can choose to take a relaxing walk or a high-energy run as the terrain welcomes all activities. You can even enjoy a picnic in the park and view the beaches and a glimpse of the Sound.

Cougar Mountain 

Featuring a large forested area, many hiking trails, and great wildlife, Cougar Mountain is another must-see. From forests to streams, to caves, this wildland park offers a lot of diversity amongst its trails. It’s pet-friendly so you can bring your four-legged friends with you!

Coal Creek Falls

If you love waterfalls, you’ll love Cal Creek Falls. Surrounded by towering trees and lush foliage, this trail is perfect for those who want a city escape. Family and pet friendly, it’s a great trail to bring your dog along. Enjoy this hike on a hot day, as you’ll be sheltered with canopied trees and accompanied by a running creek along the way.

Schmitz Preserve Park

Another tranquil spot with endless trails, Schmitz is a family-friendly park offering forest, wetlands, and beach depending on where you go! Admire lush greenery and running water as you explore the beauty of this park, and try a new trail every time so the scenery is always new.

Seattle isn’t called the Emerald City for nothing, and there are so many different hikes and trails to adventure through. The best way to find your favorite ones is to go out and explore for yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just beginning to get outdoors, we’re sure there’s something for you in this luscious city.