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Your Guide to Living in Capitol Hill

Welcome to WoodWorth Apartments, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle! Capitol Hill hosts a large variety of incredible local stores, restaurants, and activities, and is home to diverse interests and a diverse population. Capitol Hill is one of the coolest parts of Seattle, home to musicians, artists, events, and unique venues. We love our area, and wanted to combine celebrating it with introducing our residents to their new home, so here you’ll find a selection of some of the most important things to know about living in Capitol Hill. 

Getting Around

Capitol Hill is very conveniently located for some of the most important places to get to in Seattle, and it’s easy to get around, too — our area boasts an incredibly high walkability score, as well as good public transportation. If you’re a driver, it’s really only a quick car trip to and from vital spots through the city. We’re extremely close to Downtown Seattle and all of its benefits, as well: 10-20 minutes by car, 15 minutes by bicycle, and around 25 minutes by public transit. The neighborhood itself is home to so many wonderful things that you might not want to leave anyway, though! 

Top Local Spots

The Capitol Hill neighborhood has just about everything you could need to be comfortable and entertained without even needing to go far from home. One of our favorite spots in the area is the expansive Volunteer Park, which houses a plant conservatory, walking trails, and the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Volunteer Park is worth not only a day trip, but several of them. We also have delicious restaurants, like Araya’s Place, El Farol Mexican Restaurant, and SMITH, which is a bar and pub with a fantastic brunch menu, and fun spots for a snack and a drink, including Porchlight Coffee & Records (a coffeehouse that doubles as a record shop!) and Top Pot Doughnuts, a chain which originated in the neighborhood. 

Capitol Hill Culture

Capitol Hill isn’t just known for food, but also for culture and entertainment. There’s fun to be had here that you may not find anywhere else. This includes places like John John’s Game Room, an arcade-cafe with old-school games, the one-screen Egyptian Theater, the Japanese Garden, and iconic music venue The Crocodile, along with many others. 

Truly, the best advice we can give to residents joining us in Capitol Hill is to go out and explore. We can let you know about some of our favorite things about the area, but nothing can really replace finding out for yourself! We hope you end up loving our neighborhood just as much as we do.